happy halloween!

I'm convinced, now more than ever, that Halloween is cursed for me. I've always had bad associations since I got the flu on Halloween so often as a kid--and yesterday I woke up with a stomach bug and felt worse than I've felt in years! Alas, if I had gone out last night, these were my costume options/ideas:

1. had I not cut my hair off on Thursday [and if I'd found a black hat]

2. if anyone would've been able to ID me..

3. a little more glam, and hair-cut-relevant

What were you this year? Hope you had a better evening than I did!



silvana maiorano said...

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i follow u
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Jess said...

oh no, hope you feel better now! i didn't do anything for halloween =(

Wangari M. said...

Didn't get to dress up, because my friends are obviously not as fun as I would liek. But I did have some native american elements to my outfit when I went out so.. and that was my saturday evening. Sunday was spent on the sofa being hung over, eating junk and watching supernatural! Haha, good times. Hope you're feeling better my dear :)