the key to effortless style

Who knew it was really just a simple equation?

exactly one tailored jacket
+ a dash of body conscious basics 
+ something of a "completer" [ie: scarf]
+ a pair of sumptuous wedges
+ one luxe bag
+ a nonchalant updo
+ a dab of make up
effortlessly chic

*hopefully I don't need to clarify I'm talking about the lady on the left


style-haus said...

effortless indeed...she's got this look nailed down.


Wangari M. said...

She is indeed effortlessly chic..I however never seem to be able to nail that look down completely...

Hope your well lovely

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

yes, this is definitely a great go-go look!

angela spaghetti said...

I love that you have it narrowed down to an equation. Good call, lady - love it :)