be a man: wear a suit... and follow your dreams

via the sartorialist
There's really nothing more attractive on a man than a crisp white shirt and perfectly-tailored suit. Maybe it's for antiquated reasons--it suggests power or a man bringing home the bacon or something. But, still, I loved it when my boyfriend was in banking for that (though pretty much only that) reason.

Last night I went to an event for recent alumni from my college and met a '06 grad who runs a custom cut menswear business with one partner. Um, awesome. And his outfit was a pretty great billboard for it, too! He was an engineering student, or something, and just decided to go for something he's always been interested in. That makes me think...I needn't be so hesitant to do the things that really interest me.

So, we'll see. In the meantime... what do you like your man to wear?

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