style inspiration: NYFW street shots

It's hard to figure out what I love more about fashion week--the runway shows or the street style shots posted by my favorite photographers! I love seeing how "real" (sometimes hard to consider those that are attending the shows I'm drooling over real, but you know..) people dress, in real weather, in real life (again, eh...)--especially since they are often so in tune they're already flirting with the trends on the runway. Take this look...

via mr newton
I love the maxi dressing for winter that is all over the fall runways right now. But I love even more the absence of black. Dressing in nudes, whites, and greys when the rest of the street is all black is so, so refreshing--something I need to try!

And as for this stylish lady? I love the single splash of color on the hottest accessory from the men's fall shows.

via mr newton

Ok, back to NYFW coverage. What are your favorite shows so far? I'm compulsively clicking and saving. Favorites to come!

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Bianca said...

i adore all of the maxi skirt action at fashion week!!