Hello! + what to wear to a wedding

I'm terrible at this, aren't I??? I have been so sidetracked by all kinds of real-world things, but I have really missed the blogosphere!

In the meantime, I'm coming off a totally wedding-filled weekend. One of our favorite couples got married on Friday after 9 years of dating and one of my best friends gets married in less than a month. I am starting to really feel like an adult.... I'm also having trouble keeping myself tear-free!

I have to say, choosing an outfit for a wedding is really difficult. How can you find something that is appropriate for 6+ hours of varied activities (church, drinks, partying), and doesn't make you look like a bridesmaid yourself (if you're not one)? It's all about shying away from solid satin-y looks and towards subtly unique details like colorblocking, anything-but-floral patterns, and a bit of shine. Easier said than done... And take it from me, consider the strap-situation carefully... pulling up your strapless dress all night might not make the best photos. This is a dress I kept coming back to, again and again as possibility. I love that it can be dressed up or down, and it's just special enough to be practical even after the event.

dvf dress via Intermix

Do you have a go-to look for summer weddings?


Wangari said...

That dress is gorgeous and would be pefect for a wedding. I was at a dear friends wedding this past weekend and went with a maxi dress. It was pink and billow-y I felt like a wood nymph mixed with a greek goddess - haha! But I felt like a million bucks all night :) Good luck finding that perfect dress dear! xo

ps. it's greta to have you back

Wedding Flowers Co said...

Love the dress! I'd recommend finding some shoes to keep you going for 6+ hours of activities. Good luck!

annie markantonatou said...

beautiful dress! all it needs is a light tan and a gold bracelet!


Ruby Gray's said...

You're so right, it is difficult to find an outfit that doesn't make you look like a bridesmaid when you're not. This is just perfect. There's nothing worse than dressing up too much and looking slightly uncomfortable in the day.