vicariously nude

The weirdest part about my job is that I often spend a few hours a month trying on clothes for my bosses to assess. Yesterday, they broke my heart.

Of course, I already knew it, but did I really need my two VPs to tell me?

Basically, I look like shit in nude/pastel colors.

...All of spring's beautiful nude and pastel colors...

I guess I'll have to live vicariously through everyone else's romantic looks...

.. and embrace pastel interior design.

1. valentino spring 2010 runway look via abbylovesshoes
2. pastel ensemble via fashion leaka
3. interior photo via this is glamorous

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Kelly Lauren said...

I'm not so good in nudes either unless I get a little sunkissed... and even then, I sweat too much and it shows up more in lighter clothes. haha!