monday funday: happy memorial day!

I'm very sad to see the weekend end. It was a great having my parents here--we walked around the city a ton, ate lots of good food, and drank just enough good wine.

Today we celebrated Memorial Day by heading to the USS Iwo Jima [above] that was docked on the Hudson River off 47th street for Fleet Week. Standing in the blazing sun for an hour waiting to get on was pretty brutal, but then my dad was like a kid again.

Here's a quick glance at other things we ended up doing this weekend:

The Eco-Fashion exhibit at the FIT museum

A surprise piano player in Washington Sq. Park

Brunch at Cafe Gitane in the Jane Hotel

Shopping at the new Anthropologie in Chelsea Market

Of course, the problem with fun weekends is they aren't terribly relaxing!! Luckily, though, it's only a 4-day week. Phew.

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