but i dont WANT to be awkward anymore! a case study.

When a new trend appears, especially if it's something from decades past, I go through a series of stages quite predictably. First, I HATE IT. Then, my feelings neutralize. And, finally, one of three things happen....

I either:
a. want in on the trend desperately, suddenly, and irrationally
b. refuse to try it myself, even though I have fallen for it, or...
c. never get to the third stage at all and the ambivalence continues, indefinitely

I've been doing some soul searching into my intense reactions and, as I perused many a clog and overall online, I realized... maybe the answer lies in how I felt the first time 'round.

I mean, though I've come to Stage 3, part B [love it, but can't-quite-bring-myself-to-do-it] of the clog trend, I keep thinking about the cheap Candies clogs I rocked when I was 9-years-old. The kind with the stiff band across the toes and the heavy heels and the wooden footbed that rubbed my poor little toes raw.

And overalls, well... how can I allow myself to get back into one of those rough onesies? I was a walking conundrum, one buckle strapped and the other flying loose as I ran around in boys' tennis shoes, flashing playmates with the whims of my OshKosh denim skirtall.

Maybe if I'd been uber cool the first time around, without braces or just-permed-hair [why'd you let me do that, Mom?!], or if I hadn't been born yet and thus was oblivious to these potential disasters, maybe then I'd feel comfortable trying these things again as a 23-year-old. Maybe I wouldn't be worried about suddenly turning into an awkward pre-adolescent tomboy trying to figure out the whole fashion thing.

Alas, that's not the case, and I find myself watching the trends on grown-up-version of girls who bewitched my fourth-grade boyfriend. Fashion gods, give me the strength to break this nasty cycle!

1. meggstatus, the only girl i've ever seen pull off overalls
2. candies, the originals
3. mellow days overalls
4. megan roses, and her decidedly cool clogs


Wangari M. said...

Haha! Loves this post :)
I'm still for you trying out either overalls or clogs. I've been thinking about getting on the clog band-wagon but haven't found The Pair yet so.. but overalls I've loved and worn throughout my 25 years of living I even rocked a pair to death between the ages 14-17 ;) if you decide on trying either trend out please provide photos?! :)


love the top! come follow me xoxo

Robyn said...

Oh god. The clog trend took me so long to latch onto. I did not want to give into it at all, and was hoping it would pass quickly. I caved.

angela marie said...

I totally agree - and one of my "awkward" trends is the high-waisted, light-washed jean shorts like in the last photo. They look so cute on her and other girls, but I feel like I couldn't rock them. Kudos, ladies.

Jasmine said...

This was all the more special because I could envision your fourth grade self. =) .. and then I had a vision of my elementary school self wearing an overalls dress. Yeah def passing on that again, but I think you could rock it.

style-haus said...

enjoyed reading this post! i go thru the same thought process. some trends take longer than others for me to embrace. in the end, guess what really matters is how you feel wearing it and if it suits "your" style!


...One Girl said...

I agree - I got rid of ALL of my clogs like forever ago. Then I see a million fashion photos with girls wearing them...again! So, I had to by a new pair. But I had to get the high heel studded kind. I had to kick it up a notch!

I'm following your blog! It's cute!


and flowers pick themselves said...

have i mentioned lately how much i love your writing? i loved your writing! really awesome post :)

xo Alison

{ I V Y } said...

omg two pairs of clogs in one post, i'm in love.

Stephanie said...

Clogs look great on other people, I just can't pull them off!

Lexi said...

You have put my feelings on trends into AMAZING words!

I think I owned a similar variation of those Candies clogs.

sharonlei said...

I remember my very first pair of candies. ha ha. I for one and am fan of clogs. I recently got a pair of JC Charli clogs and before that I already had 3 other pairs of JC clog-ish sandals.. ha ha.

xx Love & Aloha

Cecilia's Heart said...

I've been trying to get the courage to buy/wear some overalls for a long time! I wore them first as a child of the 90's and am not so sure about a 2010 re-invention either! haha.


Daniela Rodrigues said...

Im not a overrals fan but that look great on you. :D