Fashion's Night Out: downtown NYC style

Last night was the first time I took part in Fashion's Night Out--probably one of the crazier things to take place in NYC! Starting at 6pm, girls in sky high stilettos and studded Jeffrey Campbell wedges began the Mecca-like trek to various department stores and boutiques (lest precious fashion-and-free-alcohol-filled moments be wasted stuck in a cab in the horrendously quick building traffic).

I tried to avoid the crowds by heading downtown to the Meatpacking District... but even though things were rumored to be much crazier up by Barneys, it felt like the whole city was out and alive on those cobblestone streets!

I had high hopes for the evening--and a list of 13 places to visit, including Opening Ceremony's flea market, the Black Carnival on Bowery and Bond, Tory Burch, Phillip Lim, and more. Needless to say I didn't get to every single one, but I did stand right next to Diane von Furstenberg at DVF, admired Catherine Malandrino's gorgeous grommeted leather jacket and jersey harem pants while taking photo after photo with a growing gaggle of fans, and snagged a few freebies while I was at it.

I didn't know what to expect then, but now I do. In case you didn't make it, take notes for next year:

At Catherine Malandrino, just before she arrived. A popular spot due to free totes!

1. Dress code is Bloomingdale's career + mega trend: It was like a massive army of all-black, all-the-time... and I missed that memo! (Not to mention the heels memo, but that's just my style; I wore my fashion hiking boots to prepare for the madness!). Lots of fur, tiny cross body chain strap bags (Chanel and posers alike), and TONS of fringe!

2. Don't wait in lines.... you aren't going to get anywhere. Go to the next stop and spy an Olsen from the street corner!

The famous staircase at DVF, right before she descended.

3. Don't expect food--eat beforehand! And don't eat the free cupcakes. Ick.

4. Not sure how alcoholic these drinks are, but stock up, anyway! And follow girls with free totes!

Did you guys go out for FNO? What was your favorite stop?


La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

I must say FNO was amazing last night!

michelle_ said...

gahhh i seriously wish i could come to one of these FNO events !!
there's no FNO at all in my country :s

Anonymous said...

I ate the free dumplings outside of Helmut Lang, that was cool!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

This sounds like so much fun! And I love your advice, that you sensibly wore your fashion hiking boots, while missing those memos! :)

vdcouture said...